Vacation time then.

Okey thn. . Bet I'll be of 2moz on this trailer trip thn :) After all this waitin it'll finally happen. Im longing :) Tho it'll be borin leavin town for a while, I'll miss it all <33 And it sucks cuz it's ALWAYS the same fuckin way !! I dont have anything to do the first couple of weeks since EVERY1's workin or goin away. .. N thn the second month my mumndad gets their holidays n so we go away.. .. n then EVERY1 of my friends gets bk from their vacation or quit their jobs. . . MY LUCK, fuckin arse. . . So I go away whn every1 gets "available"  .  .DARN LIFE ! Well aye, I've to deal with it. . Well guess Im soon old enough to go on my own vacation. .  I prolly be off nxt year on my own vacation with friends :) Would be wonderful ! Thn I have my drivers licence <3 Prolly ;D I bet I'll not manage to take it :P Since I have kinda this disorder so I have a hard time focusin in jus one thing Xp It rly bothers me ;D But hey, what can I do. . . wohahahaha, anyways :)
OMG ! I jus found out 2daz (whn I jus woke up, came out in the kitchen in my jammies n geee, there's my dad's friend sittin on a chair.. my luck) that we're gon spend an ENTIRE FUCKIN week with Annika n Rickard. . . O M G !! WTF am I s'pose to do thn?! Huh ?! they've two small girls like, what, 4,5 years YOUNGER thn me. . Oh gee, rly fun -.- NOT ! constlantly buggin me. . omg. . . They're so bitchy as well. . . oh plz. I cant take that. . . Well aye, parents. . They jus cant say no can they. . . STUPID ! Well aye, I'll jus sneak a tent n camp sumwhere else -.- Beside an HOT guys trailer mebe (A) By "accident" (A) Wohahahaha, AAAANGEL ;D Well . . we'll see how it ends up. Prolly be fun anyways. .I'll not try to let anything get in my way of an WONDERFUL vacation ! <3

MARC'S A PERV !!!! ;D Jus so every1 knows that, pmsl. So... WATSH OUT *lookin round* (So FUCKS to you!)

I couldnt manage to live my life without you babes <3 You're my everything n I'll always love you. End of storie. You're my oxygen n my entire world. You must get home n get your card so I can call you whnever babes, I alrdy miss your voice n we talked yesterday <3 You're the best person ever n you're the best thing that've ever happened to me. Dont ever leave me :) I'll love you till the end of the world, evern if you'dnt love me back <3

Strong words with strong meaning;
Jag älskar dig <3

Aye thn. . PMSL.. havnin the most STRANGE conversation with Marc now. . Dude SERIOUSLY?! ;P It's astonishin that you're a lesbien women. .  wohahaha ;D I've to stop eat candy like. . it's not gd for me, I get all wierd n shit. . Too much sugar ;S Cant help it thn *addicted* <3

LONGING FOR TOMORROW !!! <3 Hopefully I'll meet you thn sis <33 Been longing for you waaaaaaay too long now <3 You better get your arse home 2moz since dad seems astonishinly sure that we're goin 2moz ! So if you're not home by thn we'll prolly not meet for another 3 weeks !!! HOW'LL I MANAGE THAT ?! HUH ?! I'll NOT ! Well aye, you've changed card to your cell so we'll prolly be in touch more often thn :) I LOVE YOU THROUGH IT ALL BABES (L)
You're my better half. My everything. Yours forever. Till forever do us part. I love you. <3

Well I better get into bed now :) Im off for a hard day 2moz. Packin n shit. . Booooring .. *snore* Well anyways, it must be done :) Good night every1 n sweet dreams :) Love you to the bitter end my friends <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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