Hard life?

Seriously.. I've been thinkin (wow, how unusual..) aye well .. guys does always get away with beein fat.. seriously! Girls must look slim n hot, whn guys can be overweight n shit... How normal is it to see a FAT chick with a hot, well trained guy ? Seriously... It's more normal to see a FAT guy with a thin, beautiful girl... It BOTHERS me ! (since im fat you know..) It's the same on tv n among celebrities... How many FAT celebrity girls you know bout ?... huh ? I know, NON like ! There's like loads of FAT guys that's famous ! Guys get away with overweight.. girls dont... How unfaire isnt the world, seriously...
It's like the girls get more famous the more they get in shape... the more thin n sexy they get, the more famous they get.. the more silicone they put in their body, the more famous they get... Guys jus have to earn alot of money n get well known, n BAM, they're famous... The bigger jewellerys they have, the bigger car they have.. the more famous they get.. The hotter girls they can get, the more famous they get... It's indeed a STUPID world we live in... Seriously, GET REAL !

Jus wanted to get ot out XD

Over n out, Im off beein with BestFriend Andreas now:$
See you folks, love you <33 Fucks to Marc ;) rawr<3

Solitude * Vacanacy <3


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