Well okey.. thn it's Saturday.. What shall I do 2daz?.. Be with Sis I think... <3 If she stills wanna spend sum quality time with me ;P Well okey... yesterday.. There's no idea to stay at Mandas whn they're drinking.. seriously.. They jus get mad at eachother n I get it out cuz I've to go with Manda whn she's mad... Now Mange, Tony n Nystedt went away n was gon ride in this car... So aye, she got mad cuz she thinks that he never spends time with her.. omg.. So I'd to put up with her n her 4 ciders... -.- Oh my gosch... Well anyways... we went out bikin n thn we went in again since it was cold outside.. Thn she ju laid on the bed, goin thru Mange's mobile ;S She jus.. I wanna find sumthin Im NOT s'pose to find... WTF ;S So you WANT him to be cheatin on you or what ?! Seriously, how do you two MANAGE?! GOD ! It jus drives me insane... Well.. I went pretty early cuz she wanted to sleep... So... N I went home n sat my arse infront of the comp... Oooh, Marlene.. your life is sooo... I dunno, givin....! NOT ?! I have no life... I think Im off from this town n jus gon move 2 a city where no1 knows me... It would be SOO nice... No gossip, no rumours, nothing... I dont know anything bout any1 else so I dont have to go n puke once in a while whn I walk thru town.... Tho I love Lse.. But I dont think Im s'pose to live here.. I get nothing outta it...


I love you, frightly
There's nothing you don't know
So hold me, tightly
Don't ever let me go <3

Jag Älskar Dig Mer Än Jag Får ... </3

I have nothin to write bout you ;S I dont think of us as I used to... I've jus.. stoped.. I bet I realised there was so idea... No point.. Jus... wasted of thoughts n tears. Waste of unsaid words n pain.. Nothing I wanna handle with right now anwyays... i jus wanna live my life while I can.. b4 school starts -.-
Seriously, I've never cut myself, yet, but I BET I'll start whn school starts... I was THIS close last year.. I jus cant handle stress n much pressure.. I take my life slow n  I do what I want, whn I want it... If it takes an entire year, it takes an entire year... You shouldnt bother !
I soo wanna change... RLY BADLY.... I dont wanna be this anymore... This.. Nothingness. I wanna be sum1.. That ppl notice... I wanna be one of a kind, so that Im uniq.. N not like any1 else.. I wanna be me, I wanna be seen, For what I am, Sum1 who doesnt give a damn... I dont care what you think.. Or how you feel, or what you believe of me... Im what I am.. n you're what ... the magasine tells you to be, CHEAP WHORE! Ppl jus dont have their own thoughts anymore..
            .^.                             .^.                                .^.                         .^.
--^.   .'      '----^.   .--------'      '.        .-------^.   .'      '--------.        .'      '-----------------
       V                   V
                       '.   .'                V                       '.   .'
                                                        V                                              V
PAIN     -     without love
PAIN     -     I can't get enough
PAIN     -     I like it rough
                   'Cause I rather feel pain then nothing at all <3

I love my close hearts <3
                        I love my better parts <3
                                                    'Cause when it doesn't matter <3
                                                                                        You always make me feel better <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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